Thursday, 22 August 2013

OOTD | Dalmatian Designs

Dalmatian Shirt - The Mountain via ASOS / Multi-coloured cardigan - Handmade / Knee-high black socks - Voodoo / Black 8-eye Dr. Martens - Thrifted / Sunglasses - Sportsgirl / Apocolips Lip Laquer in Galaxy - Rimmel

I recently made the mistake of vastly overestimating the sizing in an online purchase. I bough this dalmatian t-shirt by The Mountain with the intentions of it being slightly oversized. As you can see it is much more of a dress than a t-shirt on me and I'm internally torn between wearing it everyday around the house (because it is extremely comfy) or being brave enough to wear it out with a pair of bike shorts underneath. 

I have been toying with the idea of knee-high and above the knee socks for the last month or so of Winter as it is beginning to warm up but I still want leg covering in the mornings. I finally had Jess around while I was choosing an outfit and she convinced me I didn't look ridiculous. I've always been fairly self-conscious about the size of my legs (we all have our insecurities justified or not) and I have always felt that knee-high and thigh-high socks accentuate them a lot more than they need to be. However, as you see here I am slowly becoming more comfortable with this style.

Forgive me for repeat wearing my amazing multicoloured cardigan but Winter is ending and I feel as though I never get enough opportunity to wear it in our short cold season. I think I've said my grandmother made it and when I have such an amazing piece with such sentimentality behind it, I cannot help but wear it over and over and over again. It is also, conveniently, the only cardigan I have that matches the length of this massive t-shirt. 

My Dr. Martens feature again, as do my forever-adored sunglasses from Sportsgirl. I have just placed a few new pairs in my basket on ASOS so be prepared for potential change in the eyewear department - ooh la la. 

Jess and I have both featured The Mountain shirts in recent posts - has anyone else succumbed to their awesome print tees? 

Erin xx

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