Saturday, 27 April 2013

Summer Sandal Sale Haul

Wittner YITA Sandal in Tan Leather

Wittner ELKA Sandal in Black Leather

Sandals. If you're not from a tropical, or subtropical as the case may be, climate then you'd probably say I was mad buying two pairs (and lusting over several more) right as Winter begins to hit. In all honesty though, with temperatures never really lower than 10 degrees celsius during the day, sandals are an all-year-round shoe in Brisbane. My favourite staple flatform sandals broke after a good year of almost daily wear and I've been in desperate need of a new pair (or two). My wonderful mother did the me the honour of shouting me these two.

The first are a very basic pair which fill a hole I've had in my 'shoe life' for almost a year now. You probably won't see a lot of it on this blog but during the summer months I like to wear quite a clothes that would be considered a bit hippie i.e. harem and fisherman pants, lace and tie-dyed tops, and I leave my hair curly a lot more often. This is partially because I like to wind up at Woodford Folk Festival for a week over Christmas but also because I love comfort and can't seem to keep away from the style. This style of shoe blends perfectly into this kind of dressing but they also aren't covered in bells and obviously my 'hippie sandals' allowing for other outfit combinations too.

Next you'll see what are slowly becoming a well worn pair of shoes. The heel is a big enough to make me feel dressy but not something I'd ever feel clumsy in. I am in need of some gel cushions to stick on the ball of the shoe but I've survived for a few weeks without them. It was a neck and neck decision between this pair and the same but in tan leather. The tan leather were in a size 41 and these were a 42. I ended up choosing the black leather as I have 75% tan leather shoes and thought black would be a good investment but also because I have funny feet and often go with the old mantra: better to be safe than sorry. 

And those are my two newest pairs of shoes. Hopefully, now that I'm employed, I'll have a bit more money and can splash out on some of Doc Marten's newest range of sandals that I'm dying for. 

Hope you're having a great week. I know mine has been a bit different - good different. New job, learning lots of new stuff.

Erin xx


  1. Beautiful shoes!!!

  2. Its safe to say I love both pairs, wish they were in my shoe collection.

  3. Love the shoes , shall we follow ? let me know XSE

  4. like everyone else, i'm LOVIN the shoes!



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