Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Monthly Round-Up | September

Eat and Drink
Chur Burger, Fortitude Valley

I love a good gourmet burger. So much so that I follow a few too many 'only burger' posting accounts on Instragram. When I read that the guys from Chur Burger were coming to Brisbane I had to get on it quick smart. They make a great burger bun with a great combination of fillings available all at a reasonable price. Tara and I also indulged in Milo milkshakes which were phenomenal. The sweet potato fried were a little lacklustre but were tasty nevertheless.

Like burgers? Like awesome graffiti on the wall? Looking for a cheap, fast, alternative to Grill'd? Give Chur Burger a go in Constance Street in the Valley.

Frozen strawberries

Here in Queensland we are currently experiencing our second amazing strawberry season in a row. For the last few weeks they have been around 3-punnets-for-$5 or even cheaper. My favourite way to keep the strawberry love going past the glut is to buy a few every time I'm at the green grocers, chop the heads off them and pop them in the freezer. This way, I get to indulge in the fruit now but I also save some for later use as ice-cubes or in desserts. I have a pretty delicious recipe coming your way using some of these frozen gems. 

Client Liaison
It is rare that you find musicians so meticulously dedicated to reproducing the magic of 1980s. Not only is their music spot on but the performance and attention to detail in their costumes, videos and casting is inspiring. I first heard these gentlemen at BigSound Live earlier in the month and was blown away. It comes off as a bit pretentious at first glance but the dedication these musicians show to their art form is truly worthy of a long and lustrous career. 

WARNING: Contains extreme 80s vibes. 

Arrested development 

Yes, yes, I know I'm very late to the Arrested Development party but I recently powered my way through the series and loved every minute of it. With a fantastic and well loved cast the Bluth's family debacle is endlessly entertaining. I'm not going to go into much more detail because if you want to experience the true hilarity and show really speaks for itself; go watch it!

Moisturising Face SPF 50+ by Sun Sense

I've been kidding myself for far too long with my SPF 15+ facial moisturiser. It is a great product but my devotion to it was needless as we now have SPF 50+ products on the market; as a pasty skinned human, I need all the sun protection I can get. I picked this one up by SunSense about a week ago because I read that it was a very similar mix of ingredients to the product I already use with the added SPF bonus. I'm always wary about changing my moisturiser as I'm terrified of breakouts. So far this has proven itself to be non-comedogenic (not blocking of pores) which is really my biggest worry. I'll let you know in 50 years if it is successful in protecting my skin.  

Hydrating Mist Toner by Sukin

On a similar "summer is coming" train of thought to the SPF 50+ moisturiser, I recently picked up this mist toner by Sukin. Its been increasing in humidity here in the sunshine state so I thought it would come for a refreshing way to cool off. It has a lovely chamomile and rosewater scent to it which feels lovely on the skin. I'm thinking this will definitely be an essential in my beach bag to keep cool by the sea. 

And thats a wrap on September! Hope you all had a great month too. What did you love?

Happy October!
Erin xx

Monday, 29 September 2014

OOTD | Weekday Wandering

 T-Shirt Keya / Skirt Nasty Gal / Choker eBay / Back Pack UNIF / Shoes T.U.K.

Hi lovelies! So I just the tastiest of breakfasts this morning with Erin. We went to Shouk Cafe in Paddington, where we feasted on a delicious Persian influenced breakfast. I just wanted to wear something comfy and simple for a wander through Paddington. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

OOTD | Sayonara To The Weekend

Kimono - gift / black slip dress - Target / Dr Martens - vintage/retro via Paddington Antique Centre / backpack - Pineland Leather via gift / sunglasses - Sportsgirl

Apart from with second-hand clothes my favourite way to dress is simply. I recently purchased this slip to go underneath a garment I found whilst thrifting and I think I have grown to like this than the dress itself. This black slip, that I picked up pretty cheaply at Target, is so ridiculously comfortable that its hard to want to put anything on top. I'm thinking this, and potentially similar items, are going to become staples for me this summer. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

OOTD | Riverside

 Concho Hat UNIF / Playsuit NastyGal / Jacket Vintage Levi / Backpack UNIF / Necklace Bella Donna Silver / Boots UNIF

Hi lovelies! So apart from my ridiculous allergies rearing their heads, this time of year is my favourite. Erin and I took a lovely stroll down by the river this afternoon. Then headed for a cheeky Friday beverage. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

At Home | Second-Hand Book Haul

On a recent trip to LifeLine I picked up a few very interesting books, mostly in relation to foods. I spotted The Olive Oil Cookbook by Louise Pickford, had a quick flip through before the other two jumped out at me from the shelves. I am hoping that these books serve as very useful additions to my house and life. 

The Complete Book of Herbs: a practical guide to growing & using herbs by Lesley Bemness so far looks to be the most useful. Aside from the detailed list of herbs and how and where to grow them, this book also includes endless uses for them. Herbs have a plethora of functions, from basic use in cooking to utilising their medicinal qualities and cosmetic applications. I will definitely let you know if I use any of the beauty remedy recipes.

My purchase of A Passion for Preserves by Frederica Langeland is an attempt at something I've never pursued but am pushing myself towards. I have always thought it would be great to make my own jams and preserves but never made the effort. I've had someone describe the most delicious strawberry, balsamic and pepper jam to be and wanted to make it ever since. However, after a quick browse of this book, the process is as lengthy as I assumed, so who knows, I may attempt it but might not be soon. 

Loving olives as much as I do, I could hardly leave the cookbook about cooking with olive oil behind. It really is just a compilation of recipes featuring olive oil, all of which look delicious but nothing is overly exciting about it. There is a feature about olives in the front of the book but nothing that couldn't be found at the click of a button today. Its always nice to have additional recipe inspiration though so this book won't go astray. 

Do you ever browse the book sections of your local op shop? What do you seek out?

Happy Wednesday lovelies!
Erin xx

Monday, 22 September 2014

Hair | A Fresh Do

Hi lovelies! I got a hair cut today. It wasn't anything drastic, just a badly needed trim, but now that my hair has grown out I have been thinking what I want to do with it colour wise. I think I'm definitely going to head down the ombre route. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

OOTD | How They Flow

Ben Caplan band t-shirt (with sleeves cut-off) / Burgandy Maxi Skirt - vintage Laura Ashley / The Jackson Sunglasses by *MKL Accessories - Karmaloop / Loafers - vintage via Shag Vintage / harmonica pendant - Corky Saint Clair / Eternal Lilac 210 gel nail polish by Maybelline New York

Happy Spring lovely readers! It's finally the perfect time of year for my favourite kind of garment: maxi skirts. This particularly gorgeous skirt was found on an op-shopping adventure several years ago and I have been loving it ever since. It is an old Laura Ashley piece made from a lovely crepe silk. I love the way it drapes and how it shimmers in the sun shine. 

The top is a piece of merchandise from a very beardy musician that Jess and I discovered at Woodford Folk Festival last year. Ben Caplan had some glorious shirts and this was my favourite; I love how wave-like and peaceful his beard looks. 

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful warm weather. It is my favourite time of year. What have you been waiting all winter to wear in the warmer months?

Erin xx


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